Gear List


Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Pack Aarns Designs FeatherLite Freedom Bodypack 67 litres, built in waterproof liner 1854
Total 1854


Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Shorts Earth Sea Sky Taslan Comfortable, hard-wearing 2 290
Base layer Icebreaker GT t-shirt, 150gm merino Warm, non-chafing seams 2 284
Rain jacket ZPacks Cuben Fibre eVent with pit zips Light but not that breathable. Replaced for the South Island 1 138
Trail runners Saucony Exodus 3.0 Tramping footware for the past 9 months. Comfortable, hard-wearing 1 711
Gaiters Simblissity LevaGaiter Strapless, specifically designed for trail runners 1 52
Socks Icebreaker Multisport Mini 2 134
Liner Socks 2 90
Underwear Arc'teryx Phase SL Boxer Super comfortable and non-chafing 3 165
Wind Jacket Patagonia Houdini 1 121
Insulating Layer Hoodless Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket Lightweight, easily ripped if your not careful 1 192
Rain Kilt ZPacks CloudKilt Rarely used but necessary 1 54
Total 2231

Sleep / Shelter

Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Tent Tarptent Notch 1 700
Tent poles Black Diamond Distance FL trekking poles, 105-125 cm Lasted up until the Richmond Ranges when one snapped 1 455
Sleeping mat Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Great sleeping mat. Never leaked 1 350
Sleeping bag 30 Degree ZPacks bag Regular width, medium Length, icludes cuben fibre stuff sack. Plenty warm enough 1 422
Silk liner 1 117
Pillow ZPacks Pillow Medium dry bag with micro fleece inside. Very comfortable when stuffed with my down jacket 1 47
Headlamp Petzl Tikka Excluding batteries 1 43
Headlamp batteries AAA, Includes spares 6 72
Total 2206

Cooking / Hydration

Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Cooking pot 9L Amp Titanium Solo Perfect size for a one person meal cooked in boiling water. Doubles as a mug 1 128
Spork Sea to summit Eventually broke. Replaced with a titanium one 1 7
Gas lighter Standard size Bic Last for ages, better off going with the mini version 2 50
Stove MSR Pocket Rocket Includes hard-shell case 1 119
Fuel 230g butane/propane canister Lasted for ages. I only used 4 on the whole trip 1 230
Water Bottle Platypus plusBottle 1L Multiple 1L for redundancy 3 114
Water Treatment Aquamira Drops Chlorine dioxide. Effective against protozoa, bacteria and viruses. Rarely used but worth taking 1 88
Water Filter Sawyer Squeeze 0.1 microns filter. Effective against protozoa, bacteria and particulate. Not the fastest but did the trick 1 98
Total 834

Health / Hygiene

Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Insect repellent Natural Goodbye Sandfly, 40ml Rarely used. Bought some cheap polypro leggings for the sandfies in the South Island 1 47
Anti-histamine 30 Loratadine tablets Wasp/bee stings 1 6
Pain relief 12 Ibuprofen tablets Rarely used. Better off taking magnesium tablets for muscle relaxation 1 7
Bandage Roll of 1 inch cotton gauze 1 6
Kinesiology tape Rock Tape, 5cm x 2m Only used it on my feet once. Doubled as sticking plaster and jacket repair 1 35
Suture Super glue, 3ml Also used to repair my shoes 1 5
Travel towel Medium size Adequate. Also used for drying my tent 1 53
Hand sanitiser One bottle almost lasted the entire trip 1 100
Toothbrush 1 16
Toothpaste 75ml 1 118
Total 393

Safety / Navigation

Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Locator beacon GME AccuSat MT41 Includes protective case 1 268
Whistle 1 6
Compass Suunto M3-G 1 44
Total 318


Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Camera body Canon 5D MkII 1 810
Lens Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM 1 280
Compact Flash SanDisk Extreme 32GB 60 MB/s UDMA 3 27
Battery LP-E6 2 154
Battery charger SterlingTEK DZ14 1 100
Camera bag Op/Tech D Series SLR Zoom Soft Pouch 1 91
Total 1462


Item Description Comment Quantity Weight
Android phone 1 117
Reading glasses 1 27
Mains USB charger 1 31
Phone USB cable 1 14
Total 189